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Product update: Enhanced nonprofit vendor reporting

Published Feb. 24, 2022

Better understand current and past vendors, and the year(s) the vendors were identified by Cause IQ

Cause IQ made a slight change to how we store our nonprofit vendor information (e.g., "Tax preparer firm", "Fundraising Solicitor firm") and updated how we display identified vendors on organization profile pages. This update makes it a lot easier to understand current and past vendors identified, and the years Cause IQ identified the vendor(s).

Within the "Vendors" tab of an organization's profile, you'll now see a new "Years" column throughout and a new "Past vendors identified" section. The "Years" column displays the Form 990 year(s) where Cause IQ identified the vendor(s) and a vendor is marked as a past vendor when they're no longer identified by Cause IQ on the most current Form 990 (or A-133 audit or Form 550).

Here's a look at the new "Years" column:

Years column

Here's a look at the "Past vendors identified" section:

Past vendors identified