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Assign/reassign users, allocate export usage, and download individual and company usage stats

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For Cause IQ customers on enterprise subscription plans (i.e., plans with five or more users), we have an admin page that lets you assign/reassign user licenses, allocate export usage, and view and download summary company and individual usage stats.

Access your company's admin page

Your company's Cause IQ admin can access the admin page by clicking on "Manage my company's Cause IQ account" at the bottom left of their Cause IQ Dashboard. Here's a visual:

Manage my company's Cause IQ account

The company's Cause IQ admin can also access the admin page from this link:

Assigning and reassigning user licenses

You assign and reassign Cause IQ licenses from the "Assign user licenses" section at the bottom of the admin page. To add a new license, simply click on the "Assign one of them now" link, enter the user details for the new user, and click "Assign user" at the bottom.

To reassign a license that's already being used, simply click the "Reassign license used by..." link for the individual that's currently using the license you want to reassign and enter the user details for the person you want to assign the license to.

After assigning a new license or reassigning a license, Cause IQ sends an automated email to the new user with their login credentials and a password reset link.

Here's a look at the "Assign user licenses" section:

Assign and reassign user licenses

View usage stats, add usage caps, and download usage reports

The "Overall usage" section at the top of the admin page provides details on your company's included usage, when the usage period resets, and how many total licenses the subscription includes/how many have been assigned.

The "Usage caps for users" section lets you "Change usage caps" for the users that have been assigned a license. This allows you to allocate your company's included monthly exports appropriately.

Here's a look at the "Overall usage" section and the "Usage caps for users" section at the top of the admin page:

Overall usage and Usage caps for users

The "Summarized usage report (this past year)" section lets you view and download summarized usage information for all of your company's Cause IQ license holders. The report that's displayed shows five key usage fields and you can download a CSV report that shows more than 30 fields of specific usage for all users.

In the "Details of specific records (this past year)" section, you can download CSV reports for the individual users that show the specific organization and personnel records that the individual viewed or exported in the past year.

Here's a look at the "Summarized usage report (this past year)" and the "Details of specific records (this past year)" sections in the admin page:

Summarized usage reports and downloadable reports